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To celebrate the premiere of Facebook Watch original series The Birch, Facebook hosted advertisers for a morning of learning centered on mobile video. Facebook’s Head of Global Creative Strategy Ricky Van Veen led a dynamic conversation with Executive Producer of The Birch and Crypt TV CEO and Co-Founder, Jack Davis, where he shared the inspiration behind his new show and advice on innovatively connecting with audiences and building for our platforms. Check out the video below.

We want to encourage you to think creatively when planning your next campaign. Here are some ways you can think like a creator and apply some of these best practices to your own advertising efforts:

1. Building captivating creative

When thinking about your campaign, start by building for viewer behavior. Grab viewers’ attention right away with content that leads with excitement from the start. Use dynamic visuals: consider video, cinemagraphs, motion graphics, and moving type to keep viewers engaged.

2. Keep a mobile-first audience in mind

Your audience is what matters most and they’re on our platforms to find emotional connection. It’s important to reach them with the creative they can relate to on a personal level and are therefore most likely to respond to. Customize video ads with overlays like text and logos to land your message in a personalized way. Finally, be sure to test and learn–see what your audience is responding to and adjust based on what is working.

3. Foster community

Engage with consumers on a personal level to grow an audience. Customers don’t want to just be marketed to — they want to be in conversation and they want to be entertained, so invite them to engage with interactive ad formats. Trial innovative tools like Messenger bots to develop one on one communication with your customers and increase engagement.

Interested in seeing more from Jack Davis? Be sure to watch his latest series, The Birch, only on Facebook Watch.

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